Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Nodes

Adding a process to the protection scope

3 August 2023

ID 193212

To configure Exploit Prevention settings for processes added to the list of protected processes, perform the following actions:

  1. In the main window of the Kaspersky Security Center Web Console, select DevicesPolicies & profiles.
  2. Click the policy name you want to configure.
  3. In the <Policy name> window that opens select the Application settings tab.
  4. Select the Real-time computer protection section.
  5. Click Settings in the Exploit Prevention subsection.
  6. Open the Protected processes tab.
  7. Click the Add button.
  8. The Exploit prevention techniques window opens.
  9. Specify the process name.
  10. Select one of the options for applying impact reduction techniques:
    • Apply all available exploit prevention techniques.

      If this option is selected, the list cannot be edited. By default, all available techniques are applied to a process.

    • Apply selected exploit prevention techniques

      If this option is selected, you can edit the list of impact reduction techniques applied:

      1. Select the check boxes next to the techniques that you want to apply to protect the selected process.
      2. Select or clear the Apply Attack Surface Reduction technique check box.
  11. Configure settings for the Attack Surface Reduction technique:
    • Enter the names of the modules whose launch will be blocked from the protected process in the Deny modules field.
    • In the Do not deny modules if launched in the Internet Zone field, select the check boxes next to the options for which you want to allow modules to be launched:
      • Internet
      • Local intranet
      • Trusted URL
      • Restricted URL
      • Computer

      These settings only apply to Internet Explorer.

  12. Click the OK button.

The process is added to the task protection scope.

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