Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Nodes

Configuring PLC Project Integrity Check

3 August 2023

ID 151198

To configure PLC Project Integrity Check:

  1. In the Application Console tree, expand the Industrial Network Protection node.
  2. Select the PLC Project Integrity Check child node.
  3. Click the Properties link in the details pane of the PLC Project Integrity Check node.

    The Task settings window appears.

  4. In the window that opens, configure the following settings:
  5. In the details pane of the PLC Project Integrity Check node, click the Configure protection scope link.

    The Protection scope settings window opens.

  6. Click the Add button to add to the list the configurations for which the PLC Project Integrity Check task will be run.

    The Data for PLC project integrity check window opens.

    All information in this window is obtained as a result of running the Kaspersky Security Center's PLC Project Investigation task.

  7. In the PLC type drop-down list of the Data for PLC project integrity check window, select the PLC type whose project integrity you want to check.

    The lists display the available configurations for the selected PLC type and the reference versions of the selected PLC project.

  8. Specify the value of the Polling interval setting to indicate the time interval at which the application should check the PLC project integrity.
  9. In the Data for PLC project integrity check window, click OK to save your changes.
  10. Select the added PLC configuration in the list in the Protection scope settings window.

    The PLC configuration tab displays the PLC connection settings specified in the PLC Project Investigation task settings.

  11. On the PLC configuration tab, select or clear the Check the PLC project's current status check box.
  12. Select the PLC project integrity check settings tab.
    • The drop-down list contains information about the PLC project's hash and the date on which it was obtained. Do the following:
      1. Select the Reference version of PLC project in the list. Based on the results of a comparison with the PLC reference project's settings, the application makes a conclusion regarding the integrity of the PLC project.

      If a PLC reference project was specified when the PLC configuration was added, then this PLC project is displayed first in the list. The remaining PLC projects are sorted by the date they were received, from oldest to most recent.

      1. Set the value of the Polling interval in order to indicate the time interval at which the application will request information about the PLC project settings.
  13. Click the Save button in the Protection scope settings window.

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