Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Nodes

Installing Kaspersky Security Gateway using the Setup Wizard

3 August 2023

ID 165920

To install Kaspersky Security Gateway,

run the security_gateway.msi file included in the distribution kit.

The corresponding wizard will guide you through the installation. The Setup Wizard will prompt you to configure the installation settings. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

The interface of the Kaspersky Security Gateway Setup Wizard consists of a sequence of windows (steps). To move between windows of the Setup Wizard, use the Back and Next buttons. To close the Setup Wizard when you are done, click the Finish button. To exit the Setup Wizard at any stage of the installation process, click the Cancel button.

In this section

Step 1. Verifying installation requirements

Step 2. Welcome page of the installation procedure

Step 3. Viewing the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy

Step 4. Selecting the destination folder

Step 5. Selecting components

Step 6. Configuring the connection to the SCADA system

Step 7. Installing Kaspersky Security Gateway

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