Viewing report information

3 July 2024

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To view information about a report:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the Reports section.
  2. Select one of the following tabs:
    • On demand if you want to view information about one-off on-demand reports.
    • By schedule if you want to view information about scheduled reports.

    The workspace displays the table of created reports.

  3. Select the report for which you want to view information.

    This opens the View report information window.

The window displays the following report information:

  • Creation time. Report creation time.
  • Period. Time period that is covered by the information contained in the report.
  • Type. Scheduled report type:
    • Daily.
    • Monthly.
    • Weekly.

    Not displayed for on-demand reports.

  • Nodes. IP addresses and connection ports for nodes covered by the report (or All nodes).
  • Delivery settings. Group of settings concerned with email delivery of the report, which includes a list of addresses, language, and format of the report.
    • On creation. Delivery settings specified when the report was created.
    • By forwarding. Delivery settings specified for a previously created report when it was forwarded to additional addresses.

    The Delivery settings block displays only unique groups of settings.

  • Result. The following values are possible:
    • Error.
    • Pending.
    • Success.

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