Data categories to be migrated

23 May 2024

ID 257002

Settings that you can migrate using the data export and import procedure:

  • Email traffic processing rules
  • Templates of notifications about detections
  • Texts of warnings and notes used in rules
  • Custom allow and deny lists addresses

Settings that cannot be migrated automatically; you must specify them again using the web interface:

  • License data (activation code or key)
  • Proxy server connection settings
  • Database update settings
  • Protection settings
  • Backup settings
  • KSN interaction settings
  • KATA server connection settings
  • LDAP server connection settings
  • Administrative role and user settings
  • Access permission settings for personal users
  • Personal Backup digest settings
  • Audit log, Syslog, and SIEM settings
  • Settings of monitoring over SNMP
  • Application error notification settings
  • Application statistics report settings

Data that cannot be migrated to the new version of the application:

  • Backup contents (copies of email messages)
  • Contents of quarantines
  • Event log records
  • Application statistics reports

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