Managing user accounts and roles

23 May 2024

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To manage the permissions of application users, you can create user accounts and assign roles to them.

A role is a predefined set of access rights to the functions of the KSMG management console. You can assign a role to a user or a group of users. Application users that have a user account and at least one role are called privileged users. For details, see View modes of the application web interface.

The list of privileged user accounts and the list of roles available in the application are displayed in the Accounts and roles section of the web interface of the application.

KSMG supports creating 100 user accounts and 100 roles.

User accounts

You can create the following types of user accounts:

  • SSO

    This type is available to all users in an Active Directory domain that is configured for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.

  • Local

    The type is available to any user of the application.

The application has a predefined Administrator account, which always has the maximum set of permissions. This account cannot be edited or deleted. You can use this account to change the configuration of the product in case of emergencies.


You can create roles for application user accounts depending on permissions that they need. Permissions of a role are configured based on typical tasks and responsibilities that a user with that role has.

The following predefined roles are available in the application:

  • Superuser with the full set of permissions.
  • Viewer with permissions only to view information in the application web interface.

You cannot remove or edit predefined roles.

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