Exporting settings

23 May 2024

ID 225131

For information on how to export settings from Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server version 8, see Exporting the settings of Kaspersky Security 8 for Linux Mail Server.

To export settings:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the SettingsGeneralExport/Import settings section.
  2. Select the Export tab.
  3. Click the Export button.

    The current state of the export operation is displayed in the table below. After successful completion of the operation, a string with the date and time of export is displayed.

  4. Click the Download. icon in the relevant row.

The configuration file with exported settings will be saved in the downloads folder of the browser.

The administrator must take steps to ensure secure storage of files with exported settings. Security measures must, among others, include the following:

  • Prevention of unauthorized modification of files with exported settings
  • Verification of authenticity and integrity of files with exported settings

Inadequate storage of settings files entails the following risks:

  • Loss of files with settings and inability to restore them on the relevant instance of KSMG.
  • Replacement of a file by a hacker. As a result, KSMG settings may be modified, and security may be degraded.

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