Viewing overall statistics

3 July 2024

ID 144341

KATA Quarantine information is displayed only when KATA integration is configured.

To view summary statistics on all cluster nodes:

In the application web interface window, select the Message queue section.

The following information is displayed:

  • Anti-Spam Quarantine, occupied. Size of the Anti-Spam Quarantine and Anti-Spam Quarantine usage percentage relative to the maximum size set in the Anti-Spam module settings.
  • Anti-Spam Quarantine, messages. The current number of messages in Anti-Spam Quarantine.
  • KATA Quarantine, occupied. KATA Quarantine size and KATA Quarantine usage percentage compared to the maximum size defined in the KATA protection settings.
  • KATA Quarantine, messages. Current number of messages in KATA Quarantine.

You can also view individual statistics on each cluster node.

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