Creating personal lists

3 July 2024

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To gain access to personal allowlists and denylists in the application web interface, you must add a LDAP server connection.

In privileged user mode, you can add, edit, and delete addresses in personal lists of all users whose account data are stored in the LDAP cache.

In personal user mode, you can view and edit personal lists only for the current user.

Regular expressions in addresses from personal lists created in previous versions of KSMG no longer work. The maximum number of entries in allow and denylists of addresses is 500.

To create personal allowlists and denylists:

  1. If you are in privileged user mode:
    1. In the application web interface window, select the User lists section.
    2. In the text box, enter the user name in the LDAP directory service in the distinguishedName format.

      A list of LDAP accounts matching the search string you specified appears under the entry field.

      If the name of the LDAP account includes a special character, use a backslash ("\") to escape the special character. Otherwise suggestion for the account is not displayed. For example, the if the name of the account is exa,mple, enter it as exa\,mple. For more information and a list of characters that must be escaped, see Microsoft documentation.

    3. Click the LDAP record of the user whose lists you want to edit.
    4. Click Search to the right of the text box.
  2. If you are in personal user mode, select the User lists section.

    The workspace displays personal lists: the allowlist in the left part, and the denylist in the right part.

    Complete steps 3–5 for each personal list.

  3. To add a new address to a personal list:
    • To specify an address manually, click Add, enter an email address and click Confirm.. The button is available if the text in the field matches the email address format.

      If necessary, repeat the steps for the rest of addresses.

    • To paste addresses from the clipboard, click Import, type or paste email addresses separated by commas or new lines, then click Import.

    You can use the "*" and "?" characters to create address masks.

    Adding internationalized addresses is supported.

    KSMG will look for the specified email addresses in the SMTP session (value of the MAIL FROM command).

  4. If you want to edit a previously added address, click the address in the text box, make the necessary changes in edit mode and click Confirm.. If necessary, use the search bar.
  5. If you want to delete an address from the list, click Delete. to the right of the address. To clear the list, click Delete all.
  6. Click Save.

    If at least one address has an incorrect format, the lists cannot be saved. Fix all addresses highlighted with a red background and repeat the save operation.

Personal allowlists and denylists are created.

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