Viewing the cluster node table

3 July 2024

ID 202380

To view the cluster node table:

In the application web interface window, select the Nodes section.

The table displays the following information about cluster nodes:

  • IP address:port is the IP address and the port for connecting cluster node to the server.
  • Role is the role of the node in the cluster.
  • Status is information about whether the node is experiencing any problems.

    The status display includes the following information about the node:

    • Status of connection to KSN/KPSN servers
    • License key status
    • Application database update status
    • Date and time and result of the last update task
    • Status of time synchronization with the Control node (for Secondary nodes)
    • Existence of duplicate accounts and email addresses of users, contacts, and groups in the LDAP server domain
    • Application support status

    The following statuses are possible:

    • Synchronized means the node has no problems with any of the listed parameters.
    • Node is not available means there is no connection with the node (the time when the node became unreachable is also specified).
    • Unable to guarantee fault tolerance of the application: no servers with Secondary node role.
    • No SPN for Kerberos Single Sign-On.
    • Operating system restart is required.
    • Domain controller data is either out of date or missing.
    • End of support.

    If there are errors or warnings for a specific parameter in a widget, all statuses are listed in the column (for example, Databases are out of date, Protection level decreased, The license is suspended).

  • Comment is any additional information about the node.

If necessary, you can view detailed information about each cluster node.

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