Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

Correspondence of KSWS and KES settings

25 April 2024

ID 224529

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When migrating policies and tasks, KES is configured in accordance with KSWS settings. Settings of application components that KSWS does not have are set to default values.

Application settings

Scalability, interface and scanning settings

Security and reliability

Connection settings

Run local system tasks


Trusted zone

Removable drives scan

User permissions for application management

User access permissions for Kaspersky Security Service management


Real-time server protection

Real-Time File Protection

KSN Usage

Traffic Security

Exploit Prevention

Network Threat Protection

Script Monitoring

Website categories

Local activity control

Applications Launch Control

Device Control

Network-Attached Storages Protection

RPC Network Storage Protection

ICAP Network Storage Protection

Anti-Cryptor for NetApp

Network activity control

Firewall Management


System Inspection

File Integrity Monitor

Log Inspection

Logs and notifications

Task logs

Event notifications

Interaction with Administration Server


Activating the application

Copying Updates

Baseline File Integrity Monitor

Database Update

Software modules updates

Rollback of Application Database Update

On-Demand Scan

Application Integrity Control

Rule Generator for Applications Launch Control

Rule Generator for Device Control

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