Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

Notification service

25 April 2024

ID 126005

All sorts of events occur during the operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. Notifications of these events can be either be purely informational or contain critical information. For example, notifications may inform of a successful database and application modules update or log component errors that need remedying.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security supports the logging of information about events in the operation of the Microsoft Windows application log and / or the Kaspersky Endpoint Security event log.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security delivers notifications in the following ways:

  • using pop-up notifications in the Microsoft Windows taskbar notification area;
  • by email.

You can configure the delivery of event notifications. The method of notification delivery is configured for each type of event.

When using the table of events to configure the notification service, you can perform the following actions:

  • Filter notification service events by column values or by custom filter conditions.
  • Use the search function for notification service events.
  • Sort notification service events.
  • Change the order and set of columns that are displayed in the list of notification service events.

In this section

Configuring event log settings

Configuring the display and delivery of notifications

Configuring the display of warnings about the application status in the notification area

Messaging between users and the administrator

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