Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

Disinfection of active threats on workstations

8 July 2024

ID 224289

To work with active threats on workstations, enable the Advanced Disinfection technology in the application settings. Next, configure the user experience in the Malware Scan task properties. There is a Run Advanced Disinfection immediately check box in the task properties. If the flag is set, Kaspersky Endpoint Security will perform disinfection without notifying the user. When the disinfection is complete, the computer will be rebooted. If the flag is unset, Kaspersky Endpoint Security will display a notification about active threats (see the figure below). You cannot close this notification without processing the file.

Advanced Disinfection during a virus scan task on a computer is performed only if the Advanced Disinfection feature is enabled in the properties of the policy applied to this computer.

Malware detection notification. User can perform disinfection with or without computer restart.

Notification about active threat

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