Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

SANDBOX. Managing Kaspersky Sandbox

25 April 2024

ID 218182

Commands for managing the Kaspersky Sandbox component:

  • Enable or disable the Kaspersky Sandbox component.

    The Kaspersky Sandbox component enables interoperability with the Kaspersky Sandbox solution.

  • Configure the Kaspersky Sandbox component:
    • Connect the computer to Kaspersky Sandbox servers.

      The servers use deployed virtual images of Microsoft Windows operating systems to run objects that need to be scanned. You can enter an IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) or a fully qualified domain name. For details about deploying virtual images and configuring Kaspersky Sandbox servers, refer to the Kaspersky Sandbox Help.

    • Configure connection timeout for Kaspersky Sandbox server.

      Timeout for receiving a response to an object scanning request from the Kaspersky Sandbox server. After the timeout elapses, Kaspersky Sandbox redirects the request to the next server. The timeout value depends on the speed and stability of the connection. The default value is 5 seconds.

    • Configure a trusted connection between the computer and Kaspersky Sandbox servers.

      To configure a trusted connection with Kaspersky Sandbox servers, you must prepare a TLS certificate. Next you must add the certificate to Kaspersky Sandbox servers and the Kaspersky Endpoint Security policy. For details on preparing the certificate and adding the certificate to servers, refer to the Kaspersky Sandbox Help.

  • Display the current settings of the component.

Command syntax

avp.com stop sandbox [/login=<user name> /password=<password>]

avp.com start sandbox

avp.com sandbox /set [--tls=yes|no] [--servers=<server address>:<port>] [--timeout=<Kaspersky Sandbox server connection timeout (ms)>] [--pinned-certificate=<path to the TLS certificate>][/login=<user name> /password=<password>]

avp.com sandbox /show




Disable the Kaspersky Sandbox component.


Enable the Kaspersky Sandbox component.


Configure the Kaspersky Sandbox component. You can modify the following settings:

  • Use a trusted connection (--tls);
  • Add a TLS certificate (--pinned-certificate);
  • Set the Kaspersky Sandbox server connection timeout (--timeout);
  • Add Kaspersky Sandbox servers (--servers).


Display the current settings of the component. You get the following response:

sandbox.timeout=<Kaspersky Sandbox server connection timeout (ms)>

sandbox.tls=<trusted connection status>

sandbox.servers=<list of Kaspersky Sandbox servers>



/login=<user name> /password=<password>

User account credentials with the required Password protection permissions.


avp.com start sandbox

avp.com sandbox /set --tls=yes --pinned-certificate="C:\Users\Admin\certificate.pem"

avp.com sandbox /set --servers=

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