Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

Manage Settings

25 April 2024

ID 201016

You can save the current Kaspersky Endpoint Security settings to a file and use them to quickly configure the application on a different computer. You can also use a configuration file when deploying the application through Kaspersky Security Center with an installation package. You can restore the default settings at any time.

Application configuration management settings are available only in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security interface.

Application configuration management settings




Extract application settings from a file in CFG format and apply them.


Save the current application settings to a file in CFG format.


You can restore the application settings recommended by Kaspersky at any time. When the settings are restored, the Recommended security level is set for all protection components.

See also: Managing the application via the local interface

Creating and using a configuration file

Restoring the default application settings

Creating an installation package

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