Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

Frequently asked questions

8 July 2024

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On what computers can Kaspersky Endpoint Security operate?

What has changed since the last version?

With which other Kaspersky applications can Kaspersky Endpoint Security operate?

How can I conserve computer resources during operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security?


How do I install Kaspersky Endpoint Security to all computers of an organization?

Which installation settings can be configured in the command line?

How do I remotely uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security?


What methods are available to update the databases?

What should I do if problems arise after an update?

How do I update databases outside of the corporate network?

Is it possible to use a proxy server for updates?


How does Kaspersky Endpoint Security scan email?

How do I exclude a trusted file from scans?

How do I protect a computer against viruses from flash drives?

How can I run a malware scan that is hidden from the user?

How do I temporarily pause the protection of Kaspersky Endpoint Security?

How do I restore a file that Kaspersky Endpoint Security erroneously deleted?

How do I protect Kaspersky Endpoint Security from being uninstalled by a user?


Does Kaspersky Endpoint Security scan encrypted connections (HTTPS)?

How do I allow users to connect only to trusted Wi-Fi networks?

How do I block social networks?


How do I find out which applications are installed on a user's computer (inventory)?

How do I prevent computer games from running?

How do I verify that Application Control has been correctly configured?

How do I add an application to the trusted list?


How do I block the use of flash drives?

How do I add a device to the trusted list?

Is it possible to obtain access to a blocked device?


Under which conditions is encryption impossible?

How do I use a password to restrict access to an archive?

Is it possible to use smart cards and tokens with encryption?

Is it possible to gain access to encrypted data if there is no connection with Kaspersky Security Center?

What should I do if the computer operating system fails but data remains encrypted?


Where is the report file stored?

How do I create a trace file?

How do I enable dump writing?

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