Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

KESCLI commands

14 February 2024

ID 213488

KESCLI commands let you receive information about the state of computer protection using the OPSWAT component, and let you perform standard tasks such as Malware Scan and Update tasks.

You can view the list of KESCLI commands by using the --help command or by using the abbreviated command -h.

To manage Kaspersky Endpoint Security from the command line:

  1. Run the command line interpreter (cmd.exe) as an administrator.
  2. Go to the folder where the Kaspersky Endpoint Security executable file is located.

    You can add path to the executable file to the %PATH% system variable during application installation.

  3. To execute a command, enter:

    kescli <command> [options]

As a result, Kaspersky Endpoint Security will execute the command (see figure below).


Managing the application from the command line

In this section

Scan. Malware Scan

GetScanState. Scan completion status

GetLastScanTime. Determining the scan completion time

GetThreats. Obtaining data on detected threats

UpdateDefinitions. Updating databases and application software modules

GetDefinitionState. Determining the release date and time of the databases

EnableRTP. Enabling protection

GetRealTimeProtectionState. File Threat Protection status

GetEncryptionState. Disk encryption status

Version. Identifying the application version

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