Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

Pausing BitLocker protection to update software

25 April 2024

ID 215598

There are a number of special considerations for updating the operating system, installing update packages for the operating system, or updating other software with BitLocker protection turned on. Installing updates may require restarting the computer multiple times. After each restart, the user must complete BitLocker authentication. To make sure updates install correctly, you can temporarily turn off BitLocker authentication. In this case the disk stays encrypted and the user has access to data after signing in to the system. To manage BitLocker authentication, you can use the BitLocker Protection Management task. You can use this task to specify the number of computer restarts that do not require BitLocker authentication. In this way, after updates are installed and the BitLocker Protection Management task is complete, BitLocker authentication is automatically enabled. You can enable BitLocker authentication at any time.

How to pause BitLocker protection using the Administration Console (MMC)

How to pause BitLocker protection using Web Console

As a result, when the task is running, after the next restart of the computer, BitLocker does not prompt the user for authentication. After each restart of the computer without BitLocker authentication, Kaspersky Endpoint Security generates a corresponding event and records the number of remaining restarts. Kaspersky Endpoint Security then sends the event to Kaspersky Security Center to be monitored by the administrator. You can also view the number of remaining restarts in the Managed devices folder of Kaspersky Security Center console in the device status description.

A window with the list of devices, on which the BitLocker encryption is running. Encryption technology, status and drive ID are displayed.

The list of managed devices

When the specified number of restarts or the expiration time of the task is reached, BitLocker authentication is automatically turned on. To gain access to data, the user must complete BitLocker authentication.

On computers running Windows 7, BitLocker cannot count computer restarts. Counting restarts on Windows 7 computers is handled by Kaspersky Endpoint Security. Thus to automatically turn on BitLocker authentication after each restart, Kaspersky Endpoint Security must be started.

To turn on BitLocker authentication ahead of time, open the BitLocker Protection Management task properties and select Request authentication each time in preboot.

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