Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows


25 April 2024

ID 156084

Anti-Bridging inhibits the creation of network bridges by preventing the simultaneous establishment of multiple network connections for a computer. This lets you protect a corporate network from attacks over unprotected, unauthorized networks.

Anti-Bridging regulates the establishment of network connections by using connection rules.

Connection rules are created for the following predefined types of devices:

  • Network adapters;
  • Wi-Fi adapters;
  • Modems.

If a connection rule is enabled, Kaspersky Endpoint Security:

  • Blocks the active connection when establishing a new connection, if the device type specified in the rule is used for both connections;
  • Blocks connections that are established using the types of devices for which lower-priority rules are used.

In this section

Enabling Anti-Bridging

Changing the status of a connection rule

Change the priority of a connection rule

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