Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 for Windows

Appendix 6. Application events

25 April 2024

ID 214871

Information about the operation of each Kaspersky Endpoint Security component, data encryption events, the completion of each malware scan task, update task and integrity check task, and the overall operation of the application is recorded in the Kaspersky Security Center event log and Windows event log.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security generates events of the following types: general events and specific events. Specific events are created only by Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows. Specific events have a simple ID, such as 000000cb. Specific events contain the following required parameters:

  • GNRL_EA_DESCRIPTION is the content of the event.
  • GNRL_EA_ID is the service ID of the event.
  • GNRL_EA_SEVERITY is the status of the event. 1 – Informational message Informational event icon., 2 – Warning Warning event icon., 3 – Functional failure Critical event icon., 4 – Critical Critical event icon..
  • EVENT_TYPE_DISPLAY_NAME is the title of the event.
  • TASK_DISPLAY_NAME is the name of the application component that initiated the event.

General events can be created by Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows as well as other Kaspersky applications (for example, Kaspersky Security for Windows Server). General events have a more complex ID, such as GNRL_EV_VIRUS_FOUND. In addition to required settings, general events contain advanced settings.

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