Viewing information about an application event

23 May 2024

ID 237115

To view information about an application event:

  1. In the main window of the application web interface, open the management console tree and select the Events section.
  2. Select the Program tab.

    Application event information is displayed as a table.

  3. Select the event for which you want to view information.

    This opens a window containing information about the event.

The application event information window contains the following fields:

  • Date and time is the date and time of the event.
  • Node is the IP address and port of the node on which the event occurred.
  • Event type is the type of application event:
    • Audit
    • Backup
    • Database update
    • Settings export
    • Settings import
    • Integrity check
    • LDAP synchronization
  • Event is the name of the event.
  • User is the user name of the node where the event occurred.
  • Result is the result of processing the event.
    • Fail
    • Success
  • Details is information about the application event.

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