Managing the cluster

23 May 2024

ID 201623

After installation and setup, you can configure the application in the web interface. To do so, you must combine all nodes hosting the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway application into a cluster. You can add nodes to a cluster and remove nodes from a cluster. You can assign the Control node role to any node in the cluster. The other servers in the cluster will receive the Secondary node role. Regardless of their role, all cluster nodes will process traffic.

All nodes must be added to the cluster by their IP addresses of the same format (only IPv4 or only IPv6).

The table of cluster nodes is displayed in the application web interface in the Nodes section.

In this Help section

Creating a new cluster

Viewing the cluster node table

Configuring the display of the cluster node table

Viewing information about a cluster node

Adding a node to the cluster

Modifying node settings

Removing a node from a cluster

Changing the role of a node in a cluster

Deleting the cluster

Restarting a cluster node

Managing the SSL certificate of the cluster node

Checking data integrity

Modifying the network settings of a cluster node

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