Configuring SNMP server connection settings

3 July 2024

ID 99030

To configure the settings for connecting to the SNMP server:

  1. In the application web interface window, select Settings Monitoring SNMP.
  2. Turn on the Use SNMP toggle switch if it is disabled.
  3. In the Socket path field, specify the path to the socket file.

    The path /var/run/agentx-master.socket is defined by default.

    A UNIX socket is used to connect to the SNMP server. Use of TCP- and UDP sockets is not supported.

  4. In the Server timeout (s) field, specify the maximum amount of seconds to wait for a response from the SNMP server. You can specify a value in the range from 1 to 255 seconds.

    The default value is 15 seconds.

  5. Click Save.

The SNMP server connection settings are now configured.

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