Migrating settings from Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway 1.1 MR3

3 July 2024

ID 239332

The settings migration scenario includes the following steps.

  1. Exporting settings from version 1.1 MR 3

    An exported configuration file saves the settings of message processing rules (including predefined Allowlist and Denylist rules), and personal lists of allowed and denied addresses.

  2. Importing settings to version 2.0 MR1

    During the import, the values from the configuration file will be migrated for the selected settings.

Message processing rules are imported with the following changes:

  • The Notify administrator setting of version 1.1 MR3 is transferred to the Notify recipients from the general list notifications setting in version 2.0 MR1.
  • The following settings of version 1.1 MR3 that are lacking from version 2.0 MR1 are deleted:
    • Anti-Virus module settings (message size limit, attachment scan exclusions by file type)
    • Anti-Spam module settings (message processing based on a DNSBL list, use of custom DNSBL and SURBL lists, elevation of the spam rating for messages written in selected languages, scans of attachments in RTF format, message size limit)
    • Settings for sending notifications to a recipient (including the original message or without it)
  • For new version 2.0 MR1 settings that are not available in version 1.1 MR3, the default settings are defined in accordance with the table below.

    Default values for new settings of version 2.0 MR1


    Default value

    Content filtering by attachment format

    Attachments that have type from the list below

    Link scanning

    • Enabled.
    • Action – Reject.
    • Tag – [Malicious|Adware|Legitimate links].
    • The Move message to Backup check box is selected.

    Warning about insecure message for messages containing links


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