Configuring Anti-Spam protection

3 July 2024

ID 203007

Before configuring Anti-Spam protection in the message processing rule, make sure that the Anti-Spam module is enabled in general protection settings.

To configure Anti-Spam protection in the message processing rule:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the Rules section.
  2. In the rule table, select the rule for which you want to configure Anti-Spam protection.

    This opens the View rule window.

  3. Click Edit.

    Rule settings become editable.

  4. In the left pane, select the Anti-Spam section.
  5. Use the toggle switch to the right of the section title to enable or disable Anti-Spam scanning of messages that match rule criteria.

    By default, Anti-Spam protection of messages is enabled.

  6. If you have disabled Anti-Spam protection at the previous step, configure Anti-Spam module settings applied to the following objects based on the results of the scan:
    • Spam.
    • Probable spam.
    • Mass mail.
  7. In the settings group Additional settings, select check boxes next to the names of settings that you want to enable:
    1. Use graphical image processing technologies if you want to use the GSG technology that identifies images containing text to analyze such text for being spam. The text is recognized regardless of whether it has been modified, rotated in the image, hidden in "noise" or otherwise modified to conceal the purpose of the image.
    2. Unicode spoofing protection if you want to enable Unicode spoofing protection. If Unicode spoofing is detected, the message is considered to be spam. The application adds the unicode_spoof tag to the X-KSMG-AntiSpam-Method message header.

      The application scans for Unicode spoofing only in the values of the MAIL FROM command from the SMTP session, as well as in the From, Sender, Reply-To message headers.

  8. Click Save.

Anti-Spam protection is configured. The specified settings are applied to messages that match the rule criteria.

To ensure the configured settings are applied during the operation of Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway, make sure to enable Anti-Spam protection for the rule and to enable the configured rule.

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