Updating the cluster to Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway 2.0 MR1

3 July 2024

ID 239458

Before updating Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway, we strongly recommend you create a backup copy of Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway virtual machines (a snapshot of the virtual machine in the hypervisor) of all cluster nodes. This will let you go back to the previous version of Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway if the installation of the new version fails.

Before installing updates using the Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway web interface, you must download the ZIP archive with upgrade packages from the Kaspersky website or a partner company website and extract the KTGZ update files from the archive.

This sequence of steps lets you keep processing the traffic of the organization during the update process.

To update the program to version 2.0 MR1 in a cluster containing multiple nodes:

  1. In the web interface of the Control node, go to the Nodes section and make sure that all cluster nodes are available and do not have errors.

    If there is no access to the cluster node, or if errors are encountered on the node, resolve the problems before you start the update process.

  2. Install upgrade packages on one of the Secondary nodes.

    After installing the preliminary upgrade package, the node remains accessible to other cluster nodes.

    After installing the main upgrade package, the node becomes inaccessible to other cluster nodes. In the web interface of this node, you need to assign it the role of the new Control node.

  3. Install upgrade packages on each of the remaining Secondary nodes.

    After the update, each Secondary Node will be accessible to the new Control Node and inaccessible to the old Control Node.

  4. Install upgrade packages on the old Control node.

    Before installing the update, you must assign the Secondary node role to it in the web interface of this node.

As a result, all cluster nodes are updated to Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway version 2.0 MR1 and are accessible from the new Control node.

If necessary, give back the Control node role to the node that previously was the Control node.

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