Creating a request file

3 July 2024

ID 207401

To create a request file:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the SettingsBuilt-in MTATLS Encryption section.
  2. Click Create certificate.

    This opens the Create certificate window.

  3. Select Create CSR request.
  4. In the Organization field, enter the name of the organization.
  5. In the Common name field, enter the domain name of the server for which you are creating the certificate.
  6. In the FQDN field, enter a semicolon-separated list of fully qualified domain names for all cluster nodes.

    If remote MTA agents interact directly with cluster nodes (the common virtual balanced DNS name is not used for the cluster), it is required to specify FQDN names of all cluster nodes for successful certificate verification. Specified FQDN names are saved to extended certificate attribute Subject Alt name. If some nodes are added to cluster or removed from cluster or their FQDN names are modified, you may need to generate new certificate with up-to-date FQDN list. Certificate verification is usually not obligatory for mail traffic encryption.

  7. Click Create.

    The CSR request record appears in the TLS certificate table. This opens the View certificate window.

  8. Click Download CSR file.

The request file is saved in the browser's downloads folder. Use this request file to generate a certificate at the certification authority.

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