Managing the application over SNMP

3 July 2024

ID 88758

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a protocol for managing network devices.

To work over the SNMP protocol, Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway uses an SNMP Agent to track information about application performance. Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway can send this information in the form of statistics or SNMP traps, which are notifications about application events.

The SNMP protocol allows you to access the following information about the application:

  • General information
  • Runtime statistics of Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway since the time of its installation
  • Information about Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway runtime events.

Read-only access is granted.

Information about SNMP traps and statistics sent over SNMP is stored in the MIB database. The local snmpd service on each cluster node serves as the SNMP server receiving the statistics. Interaction with an external SNMP server over the AgentX protocol is not supported. SNMP traps can be received by using the snmptrapd service locally on each cluster node, or they can be redirected to an external server.

For operations over the SNMP protocol, preconfigure the snmpd service in the operating system on each cluster node.

In this Help section

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Enabling and disabling forwarding of SNMP traps

Configuring encryption of SNMP connections

Description of MIB objects of Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

Exporting MIB objects

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