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3 July 2024

ID 207070

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway 2.0 MR1 provides the following improvements:

  • Backup storage digest—a scheduled email summary is sent regularly, which includes information about the latest received emails placed in the user's personal Backup storage.
  • Support for integration with fault tolerant КАТА using HAProxy.
  • In rules, you can specify Distinguished Names of users, groups, or contacts from the LDAP cache as the message sender or recipient address.
  • Idle time in administrator mode is limited to 10 minutes. One minute before this time expires, a notification is displayed letting the user know that the session will soon be ended so that the administrator can either prolong the current session or save the changes and log out of the program.
  • The maximum number of entries in the personal allow and deny address lists is reduced to 500 addresses.
  • The administrator can configure the default message delivery format from the shared Backup.
  • The restart status of the cluster node is now displayed in the web interface of the node.
  • A new check looks for duplicate data in LDAP accounts.
  • New capabilities added to event viewing and settings:
  • Improved the handling of large lists of email addresses and IP addresses, user and contact DN records in custom lists, rules, and settings of Backup Digest. Data can be added manually, imported from the clipboard, exported to the clipboard, and searched in the list.
  • Substring search in event logs has been improved.
  • Encoding is taken into account when adding disclaimers and warnings to the body of the message.
  • You can specify the email addresses that will receive the service messages sent by the application.

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