Exporting and importing settings

3 July 2024

ID 225130

This functionality is available if the user has the Edit settings permission.

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway settings can be exported or imported for the following purposes:

  • Backing up application settings.

    If you ever need to deploy the application on a new server, you can import previously exported settings of rules and personal allow and denylists of addresses. This helps reduce the time spent on configuration of a new node.

  • Migrating the application to a new version.

    Prior to upgrading the application, you can export the settings from the old version and import them into the new version.

    Migration from a newer version to an older version is not supported.

When settings are exported, a configuration file containing the application version and values of settings is created. The generated configuration file is saved locally on the node with role Control.

When importing a configuration file, you can select which settings must be applied:

  • Message processing rules (including predefined Allowlist and Denylist rules).
  • Personal lists of allowed and denied addresses.

Values of other settings are unchanged after the import is complete.

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