Monitoring KSN/KPSN operation

23 May 2024

ID 215712

To track down KSN/KPSN related problems, you can view summary information about the operation of services on all cluster nodes in the KSN/KPSN status dashboard in the Nodes section.

The following statuses are available:

  • No errors means the KSN or KPSN service is used and error-free.
  • Disabled means the use of KSN/KPSN services is disabled in application settings.
  • Requests filtered means the number of requests sent to KSN/KPSN services for object reputation checking is limited.

    Such a limitation allows reducing the load on KSN/KPSN servers.

  • Errors means KSN/KPSN services encountered errors.

The right part of the dashboard shows the number of cluster nodes for each status.

To view detailed KSN/KPSN service usage information for each cluster node,

click View details in the KSN/KPSN status pane or the list of sections in the left panel to go to the SettingsExternal servicesKSN/KPSNKSN/KPSN status section.

The workspace displays the table of cluster nodes with information about KSN/KPSN service usage on each node:

  • IP address:port is the IP address and port of the cluster node.
  • Status is the operational status of the KSN/KPSN service.

    For Requests filtered and Errors statuses, the date and time when the node last had the No errors status is also displayed.

  • Role is the role of the node in the cluster.

This table is displayed if the user has View nodes information and/or Create/edit/delete nodes permissions, and View settings and/or Edit settings permissions.

You can also view information about KSN/KPSN usage in the information window of each cluster node.

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