Modifying the address of a node in Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

3 July 2024

ID 239703

Before you change the address of the node in Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway, it is recommended to make sure the new network settings of the operating system have been applied.

To change the IP address or port of a cluster node:

  1. Stop the ksmg.celeryd service:

    systemctl stop ksmg.celeryd

  2. Run the cluster node network settings modification script:

    /opt/kaspersky/ksmg-appliance-addon/bin/ -a

  3. This opens a window containing a list of available IP addresses.

    Select the IP address that you want to assign to the cluster node and click Оk.

  4. In the Please enter port number of this node window, specify the port for inter-cluster communication and click Ok.

    The default value is 9045.

  5. Press any key to continue.

    The script restarts the services and applies the new address of the cluster node.

  6. Restart the cluster node:

    shutdown -r

As a result, the address of the cluster node is modified. Proceed to configure Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway cluster nodes in the web interface.

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