Installing the kwts_upgrade_6.1.0.4762_os_security_december_2023 update package on a node with role Secondary

3 July 2024

ID 267070

To install the update package on the node with role Secondary:

  1. Exclude the node being updated from traffic processing and distribute the load to other cluster nodes.

    The method of turning off traffic to the node and then turning it back on depends on the load balancing method that is being used. For example, you can edit the configuration file of the load balancer or modify DNS records.

  2. Use an administrator account to sign in to the web interface of the Secondary node.
  3. In the upper-right corner, click the Install patch button.
  4. On the Install patch page, click Browse to the right of the text box.

    The file selection window opens.

  5. Select the archive containing the update package, and click Open.

    The name of the selected archive is displayed in the entry field.

  6. Click the Upload file button.

    The Update Package Installation Wizard starts.

  7. Follow the instructions of the Wizard.

    If restarting the node is necessary for installing the update package, wait until the restart is completed.

  8. Make sure the update package is successfully installed:
    1. Sign in to the web interface of the Control node. Make sure the status of the updated node has changed to Synchronized.
    2. Sign in to the updated node over SSH and run the following command:

      rpm -qa openssh-server squid nginx

      The output of the command must be as follows:




    3. Run the following command:

      tail /var/log/kaspersky/kwts/patch.log

      The last line in the log must look as follows:

      Upgrade finished, automatic system reboot initiated

  9. Restore traffic to the updated node.

The update package is installed on the Secondary node of the cluster.

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