Configuring Anti-Virus module settings

3 July 2024

ID 187842

To configure the Anti-Virus module settings:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the SettingsGeneralProtection settings section.
  2. In the Anti-Virus settings group, use the Use heuristic analysis toggle switch to enable or disable the use of heuristic analysis during a virus scan of network traffic.
  3. If you enable the use of heuristic analysis, in the Heuristic analysis level list, select one of the following heuristic analysis levels:
    • Light – fastest heuristic analysis.
    • Medium – heuristic analysis conducted with moderate speed and depth.
    • Deep – deepest heuristic analysis.

    The Medium heuristic analysis level is selected by default.

  4. Use the Block objects with scan errors toggle switch to enable or disable blocking of objects that resulted in errors when scanned.
  5. In the Maximum scanning time (s) field, specify the time limit (in seconds) for scanning objects in network traffic.

    The default setting is 120.

  6. In the Maximum scanned level of archives field, specify the maximum nesting level for scanned archives.

    The default setting is 32.

  7. If necessary, select the Block the archives if their nesting level exceeded check box.

    If the check box is cleared, the archive will be skipped without performing a virus scan. The Incomplete scan status will be written to the event log for this object.

  8. Use the Detect some legitimate applications toggle switch to enable or disable the detection of specific legitimate applications.

    Such legitimate applications include, for example, commercial remote administration utilities, IRC clients, dialers, file downloaders, computer system activity monitors, and password management utilities.

    If the toggle switch is enabled and these applications are detected, they will be processed according to the rules for infected objects.

  9. Click Save.

The Anti-Virus module settings will be configured.

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