Adding a bypass rule

3 July 2024

ID 182006

Bypass rules cannot be created for individual workspaces.

Web resources that are within the scope of bypass rules are not taken into account in the statistics on processed traffic in the Dashboard section.

To add a bypass rule:

  1. In the window of the application web interface, select Global in the section for switching between workspaces.

    Applicable only if you have access rights to multiple workspaces.

  2. Select the Rules section.
  3. Select the Bypass tab.

    The bypass rules table opens.

  4. Click Add rule.

    The window for adding a rule opens.

  5. Select the General settings tab.
  6. Select one of the following options in the Action drop-down list:
    • Allow without scanning, if you want to add an allow rule.

      The application will not scan objects for viruses, phishing, specific legitimate applications that could be exploited by hackers, or other programs that pose a threat. Access to the requested web resource will be allowed without a scan.

    • Block, if you want to add a block rule.
    • Redirect to add a rule to redirect the user to a specified URL.

    The default setting is Block.

    If the HTTP method CONNECT is used in the web resource request and the Block or Redirect action is defined in the rule, the connection will be terminated. The user will not be redirected to the web resource defined in the rule, and the block page will not be shown. This is applicable to all requests that use the HTTP method CONNECT, regardless of whether this method is specified in the traffic filtering criteria.

  7. In the Rule name field, type the name of the bypass rule.

    The rule name must be unique among the rules in the Global section.

  8. If necessary, type a comment in the Comment field.
  9. If you want to apply a rule immediately after adding it, set the Status toggle switch to Enabled.
  10. Click Add.

The bypass rule is added.

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