Installing the kwts_upgrade_6.1.0.4762_os_security_march_2023 update package

13 December 2023

ID 247045

This functionality is available only if the application ISO image is deployed.

This Help section contains instructions on installation of initial configuration of the kwts_upgrade_6.1.0.4762_os_security_march_2023 update package for Kaspersky Web Traffic Security version 6.1.

After installing this package, the versions of application components are updated.

Contact Technical Support to get the update package.

Before installing, configure SSH access to cluster nodes.

Kaspersky Web Traffic Security services may be stopped during the installation of updates. The update process may take several minutes. After it starts, do not interrupt the update process or turn off the server. You may need to restart the application after an update.

If the cluster consists of a single node, installing such a package will temporarily interrupt the functioning of the application.

To update the application on a cluster of multiple nodes:

  1. Make sure all cluster nodes are available and have no errors.

    To do so, in the web interface of the Control node, go to the Nodes section. If the cluster node is not accessible or has errors, resolve all issues before starting the update.

  2. Install the update package sequentially on each of the Secondary nodes.
  3. Install the update package on the Control node.

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