Viewing the contents of a report

3 July 2024

ID 189108

The PDF file of a generated report contains data from processing traffic of the selected workspace during the specific period of time.

The report header contains the following information:

  • Period for which the data was received.
  • Workspace associated with the processed traffic data.

    If the Global section is selected, consolidated data on the processing of all traffic is displayed first, followed by data on each workspace.

  • Report language.

The body of the report includes the following blocks of information:

  • Number of objects processed (Processed (objects)) and volume of scanned traffic (Traffic (MB)).
  • Number of objects processed (Scanned (objects)) and threats (Detected (objects)) detected by the following technologies:
    • Anti-Virus.
    • KATA.
    • Malicious link filter.
    • Anti-Phishing.
  • Number of visited URLs that were assigned the following web categories:
    • Adult content.
    • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
    • Culture, society.
    • Software, audio, video.
    • Information technologies.
    • Online stores, banks, payment systems.
    • Hate, discrimination.
    • Internet communication.
    • Education.
    • Hobbies, entertainment.
    • Health, beauty, sports.
    • Gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes.
    • Other.
    • Forbidden by laws of the Russian Federation.
    • Forbidden by Police.
  • Last 10 blocked URL addresses. URLs of the last 10 web resources that were blocked.
  • Last 10 threats. Names and time of detection of the last 10 objects.
  • Last 10 blocked users. IP addresses of the last 10 users whose requests were blocked by the application.

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