Workspace configuration scenario

3 July 2024

ID 182323

Workspace configuration includes the following stages.

  1. Adding a workspace
  2. Adding a workspace administrator role, if necessary

    Default roles are available in the application. You can assign one of these roles to an administrator account. If the set of privileges for default roles is not sufficient for your needs, you can add a new role.

  3. Assigning a workspace administrator role

    After you have assigned the workspace administrator role to a user, the user can log in to the web interface of the application under their domain account. The user will be able to access web interface sections in accordance with the access rights assigned to this user.

    You can add multiple administrators for one workspace or create other roles with the set of access rights that you need.

  4. Creating traffic processing rules for this workspace
  5. Modifying the block page, if necessary

    After a workspace is created, users are shown the default block page. You can configure an individual block page that will be displayed only to users of this workspace.

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