Managing SSL rules

13 December 2023

ID 186342

You can use SSL rules to configure processing of encrypted connections.

SSL rules let you select the actions that the application takes on SSL connections depending on the following conditions:

  • Connection source (IP address or User Agent)
  • Connection destination (IP address or host name)
  • Connection destination port

You can use one condition or multiple conditions combined with the logical operators AND/OR within one SSL rule.

All SSL rules are displayed in the SSL Rules table. They are checked in the order of their position in the table, from top to bottom. If the conditions defined in a rule are not met, the application proceeds to the next rule. As soon as the conditions specified in a rule are satisfied, processing parameters specified in that rule are applied to the SSL connection, and further condition matching is stopped. You can modify the order of application of SSL rules by moving them in the SSL Rules table.

In this section:

Creating an SSL rule

Viewing information about an SSL rule

Editing an SSL rule

Enabling and disabling an SSL rule

Changing the order of applied SSL rules

Deleting an SSL rule

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