Configuring Syslog parameters

3 July 2024

ID 174711

When you configure Kaspersky Web Traffic Security settings, it is recommended to take into account the Syslog settings configured in the operating system.

To configure Syslog settings:

  1. In the application web interface window, select the SettingsLogs and eventsSyslog section.
  2. In the Syslog facility drop-down list, select the log category in which you want to record event information.

    The default value is Local1.

    If the application ISO image is deployed, this parameter cannot be changed.

  3. In the Event level drop-down list, select the severity level of events that you want to record over the Syslog protocol.
    • Error for application run-time error messages.

      Traffic processing events will not be recorded Syslog event log.

    • Info – messages about application run-time errors and traffic processing events.
  4. If Technical Support staff ask you to enable logging of information about the volume and parameters of the stream of traffic processed by the application in the Syslog event log, set the Log information about traffic profile toggle switch to Enabled.

    Enabling this option increases disk space requirements for the server with the application installed and affects application performance. Enabling this option without a request from Technical Support staff is not recommended.

Logging of events over the Syslog protocol is configured.

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