Resetting a security profile

17 May 2024

ID 270603

If you are not satisfied with how a security profile works, you can reset it to the predefined settings. These are the settings that are recommended by the Kaspersky experts and are defined when a new profile is created.

The operation cannot be undone.

To reset a security profile:

  1. Open Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console.
  2. Select the Security managementSecurity profiles section.

    The Security profiles section contains a list of security profiles configured in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

  3. In the list, select the security profile that you want to reset.
  4. In the Security profile audit section, click the Reset to predefined settings button.
  5. In the confirmation window that opens, click the Reset button.

Settings of the security profile are reset to the predefined values.

The use of Kaspersky Security Network is enabled or disabled across the workspace. It means that when you reset a security profile, the Kaspersky Security Network settings are not affected.

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