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17 May 2024

ID 127176

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is designed for administration of security applications that have been connected to the software solution, in accordance with the list of supported applications and in the framework of the functionality described in Help.

To use Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, you must create an account on the website of the Right Owner (Kaspersky) at cloud.kaspersky.com and connect the security software installed on the devices owned by your users. By using the software solution, you agree that said software solution may receive data from devices that have security applications installed. The software solution also may store, process, and display information that is intended for ensuring the software solution's functionality.

By creating an account and connecting administered security software to the software solution, you confirm that you are the sole owner of any data you provide or that you are entitled to provide any data.

  1. For the purpose of device identification and management, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud may receive, store, and process the types of data that are listed in the relevant agreements and data processing agreements that you read and accept when creating and using the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud workspace.
  2. For the purpose of improving the software solution, the following data may be used:
    • Data about a workspace: Workspace ID, creation date, country, state (only for the United States or Canada); number of devices in the company that was specified during registration; identifier and region of Virtual Administration Server
    • Number of devices with the security software installed that are connected to the workspace, distribution of the connected devices by type
    • Number of users in the workspace, number of user groups in the workspace, number of users with administrator rights
    • Date of the last authentication of the administrator in the workspace
    • Information about the utilized license: License type (commercial, subscription, trial), license restriction on the number of devices, number of connected devices, expiration date of the previously used license, date of the license term start, order number for the license in the order management system; name of the partner company that sold the license; software to which the license applies
    • Names and versions of security applications connected to the workspace
    • Whether an administrator signed in to the workspace but did not perform any management or configuration actions during the connection session

Data and backup copies are removed from the software solution infrastructure based on the following rules:

  1. If the software solution has been used under a trial license, the workspace data is automatically deleted one month after the trial license expires.
  2. If the software solution has been used under a commercial license or a subscription, the workspace data is automatically deleted three months after the license or subscription expires.
  3. Backup copies of data are stored no longer than three months after they are created.
  4. Kaspersky can delete workspace data following a request from a company. In this case, data is deleted following a request sent to Kaspersky Technical Support. All information in backup copies is automatically deleted when those backup copies are deleted.
  5. The user can manually delete the associated account with all its related information on Kaspersky Business Hub, or by using the My Kaspersky service.

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