About the license

17 May 2024

ID 123618

A license is a time-limited right to use Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, granted under the terms of the signed License Contract (End User License Agreement).

The scope of services and validity period depend on the license under which the application is used.

The following license types are provided:

  • Trial license

    A free license intended for trying out the application. A trial license usually has a short term.

    You can use the application under a trial license for only one trial period.

  • Commercial license

    A paid license.

    You can purchase a commercial license on the Kaspersky website or from a partner company of Kaspersky. When a commercial license expires, you must purchase another license.

  • Subscription

    A paid license.

    You can purchase a subscription only from a partner company of Kaspersky.

    A subscription can be automatically renewed. In this case, you get continuous protection of your devices. You can also opt out of a subscription. If a partner company of Kaspersky provides this option, you can suspend and resume a subscription.

    A subscription can have a grace period. This is a period of time after a subscription expires during which Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud continues to be available and fully functional. The presence and duration of a grace period is determined by the partner company of Kaspersky.

As soon as a license expires, all Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud features are disabled. To continue using Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, you must purchase a commercial license or a subscription.

We recommend renewing your license before it expires, to ensure uninterrupted protection against all security threats.

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