Exchanging information with Kaspersky Security Network

17 May 2024

ID 116271

By participating in Kaspersky Security Network, you agree to provide in automatic mode to Kaspersky information about the operation of Kaspersky applications that are installed on computers and mobile devices managed with Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. Kaspersky specialists use information retrieved from client devices in order to fix problems in Kaspersky software operation or to modify some features.

To view the list of data submitted to KSN, please refer to the documentation on the applications included in the set of security applications.

Retrieved information is protected by AO Kaspersky Lab, pursuant to the requirements of the current legislation and the existing rules of Kaspersky. Kaspersky uses retrieved information in a non-personalized form and as general statistics only. The general statistical data is generated automatically based on originally retrieved information, and does not contain any personal or other confidential data. The originally retrieved information is stored in encrypted form and erased as it is accumulated (two times per year). The storage term of general statistical data is unlimited.

Provision of data is accepted on a voluntary basis. The data provision feature for Windows devices and Mac devices can be enabled or disabled in Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console at any time. Android devices and iOS devices provide information to KSN by default. Mobile device users give their consent to data provision at the moment they accept the terms of the End User License Agreement when installing the security application.

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