Protection status report

17 May 2024

ID 152213

This report displays the protection status of managed devices, except for those running iOS. This report includes the following columns:

  • Status. Device protection status.
  • Device. Device name.
  • Device owner. Owner of the managed device.
  • Group name. Name of the group to which the device owner belongs.
  • Reason. Reason why the device was assigned the current status. For example, Device has not connected to Administration Server in a long time.
  • Device status defined by application. The device status that is stated by the security application installed on the device (for example, Self-protection is disabled or Tasks do not work).
  • Operating system. Name of the operating system on the device.
  • Anti-malware database date. Date of the Kaspersky anti-malware database release.
  • Last full scan date. Date of the last full scan of the device.

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