About Data Discovery

17 May 2024

ID 208594

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud detects critical information in files that are located in Office 365 cloud storages. You can view the information about each detected file—its name, sharing type (private, within the company, or outside the company), and who edited it last.

This feature is available only if you activated Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud under a Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus or Pro license.

You can start using the Data Discovery feature when you start Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console for the first time or after Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is upgraded to a new version. If you did not start using Data Discovery during the initial or additional setup of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, you can do it later. After you start using the feature, connect your Office 365 organization to your workspace.

The Data Discovery widget and table display detections of critical information in files. The widget shows up to 10 detected files and the table shows up to 1000 detections.

From the Data Discovery table, you can export information about all of the current detections to a CSV file.

If you want to stop using the feature, you can disable it. Later, you can enable it again.

If you delete your workspace after starting the use of Data Discovery, or if you disable the feature and do not want to use it again, you must go to your Office 365 and manually revoke the permissions that you granted to the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud – DLP scanner application.

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