About Kaspersky Security Network

17 May 2024

ID 116264

Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is an online service infrastructure that provides access to the online Knowledge Base of Kaspersky, which contains information about the reputation of files, web resources, and software. The use of data from Kaspersky Security Network ensures faster responses by Kaspersky applications to threats, improves the effectiveness of some protection components, and reduces the risk of false positives. KSN allows you to use Kaspersky reputation databases to retrieve information about applications installed on managed devices.

By participating in KSN, you agree to send to Kaspersky in automatic mode information about the operation of Kaspersky applications installed on client devices that are managed through Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, in accordance with the KSN Statement. Information is sent in accordance with the defined KSN access settings.

Participation in Kaspersky Security Network is voluntary. The decision to participate in Kaspersky Security Network is made when you first open Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console. You can change your decision at any time.

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