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Managing iOS MDM devices

13 May 2024

ID 64780

This section describes advanced features for management of iOS MDM devices through Kaspersky Security Center. The application supports the following features for management of iOS MDM devices:

  • Define the settings of managed iOS MDM devices in centralized mode and restrict features of devices through configuration profiles. You can add or modify configuration profiles and install them on mobile devices.
  • Install apps on mobile devices by means of provisioning profiles, bypassing App Store. For example, you can use provisioning profiles for installation of in-house corporate apps on users' mobile devices. A provisioning profile contains information about an app and a mobile device.
  • Install apps on an iOS MDM device through the App Store. Before installing an app on an iOS MDM device, you must add that app to an iOS MDM Server.

Every 24 hours, a push notification is sent to all connected iOS MDM devices in order to synchronize data with the iOS MDM Server.

For information about the configuration profile and the provisioning profile, as well as apps installed on an iOS MDM device, please refer to the properties window of the device.

In this section

Signing an iOS MDM profile by a certificate

Adding a configuration profile

Installing a configuration profile on a device

Removing the configuration profile from a device

Adding a new device by publishing a link to a profile

Adding a new device through profile installation by the administrator

Adding a provisioning profile

Installing a provisioning profile to a device

Removing a provisioning profile from a device

Adding a managed application

Installing an app on a mobile device

Removing an app from a device

Configuring roaming on an iOS MDM mobile device

Viewing information about an iOS MDM device

Disconnecting an iOS MDM device from management

Sending commands to a device

Checking the execution status of commands sent

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