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Configuring the PostgreSQL or Postgres Pro server for working with Kaspersky Security Center 14.2

14 April 2024

ID 241223

Kaspersky Security Center 14.2 supports PostgreSQL and Postgres Pro DBMSs. If you use one of these DBMSs, consider configuring the DBMS server parameters to optimize the DBMS work with Kaspersky Security Center.

The default path to the configuration file is: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\<VERSION>\data\postgresql.conf

Recommended parameters for PostgreSQL and Postgres Pro:

  • shared_buffers = 25 percent of the RAM value of the device where the DBMS is installed

    If RAM is less than 1 GB, then leave the default value.

  • max_stack_depth = 2MB
  • temp_buffers = 24MB
  • work_mem = 16MB
  • max_connections = 151
  • max_parallel_workers_per_gather = 0
  • maintenance_work_mem = 128 MB

Restart or reload the server after updating the postgresql.conf file to apply changes. Refer to the PostgreSQL documentation for details.

Refer to the following topic for details on how to create and configure accounts for PostgreSQL and Postgres Pro: Configuring accounts for work with PostgreSQL and Postgres Pro.

For detailed information about PostgreSQL and Postgres Pro server parameters, and on how to specify them, refer to the corresponding DBMS documentation.

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