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Importing a policy

8 July 2024

ID 3763

To import a policy:

  1. In the workspace of the relevant group, on the Policies tab select one of the following ways of importing policies:
    • By selecting All tasks → Import in the context menu of the list of policies.
    • By clicking the Import policy from file button in the management block for policy list.
  2. In the window that opens, specify the path to the file from which you want to import a policy. Click the Open button.

The imported policy is displayed in the policy list. The settings and profiles of the policy are also imported. Regardless of the policy status that was selected during the export, the imported policy is inactive. You can change the policy status in the policy properties.

If the newly imported policy has a name identical to that of an existing policy, the name of the imported policy is expanded with the (<next sequence number>) index, for example: (1), (2).

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